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Compost & Bark


When you decide to use composts or bark they do a lot more than just keep your garden beds looking nice, below are some of the benefits:


  • Bark helps keep weeds down, and those that do emerge can be easily removed.

  • Bark and composts provide insulation to the roots of plants from both excess heat and cold throughout the season.

  • Composts provide nutrients to the soil as it gradually breaks down.

  • Bark & composts retains moisture which helps plants through dry periods.

  • Bark or composts can help prevent soil erosion.

  • They act as a buffer for the soil from rapid temperature change.


These products are supplied in 60 litre bags or loose per cubic metre.

Loose materials will be supplied on one of our tipper lorries.

For our customers convenience we are able to deliver onsite Monday to Saturday.

Organic compost 

This product can be used for soil improving and a growing media. This product  is suitable for use all around the garden from seed sowing, potting, planting, containers & hanging baskets. This product is peat free.


Woodland Mulch

This product is ideal for garden beds, borders, pathways or for pots and baskets. Woodland Mulch is a great-looking natural product that will enhance the appearance of its surroundings. Derived from forestry wood chips  it is often used as a mulch or protective layer to suppress weeds, improve moisture retention and act as insulation for plant roots, reducing plant loss in cold weather.


Ornamental Bark

This decorative Bark to predominantly pine based and is used by both households and prestigious landscaping projects where quality is the most important consideration.

Golden Brown in colour it is a great-looking natural product that will enhance the appearance of its surroundings.


Play Bark

Chunky pine bark which is reddish brown in colour with 10-50mm particle sizes. Make your play area safer.